Student's standard for foreign students

Accommodation for foreign students

In Belgrade, there are a great number of student dormitories, all of which operate as individual entities, that is, they are not university or faculty campuses. Unfortunately, there are certain limitations which make it hard for foreign students to use accommodation in student dormitories. A foreign student is entitled to accommodation in a student dormitory only if it is stipulated by an inter-state agreement or if he/she is taking part in a project enabling accommodation in student dormitories. Such projects are “The World in Serbia” and “Serbia for Serbs from the Region”. Since foreign students who do not realise their mobility in the above-mentioned projects cannot find accommodation in student dormitories, they have private apartments and hostels at their disposal. You can find more information on Belgrade’s hostels at: Renting a smaller apartment may cost 150€ or more, on a monthly basis, not including the bills, which cost some 100€. These prices may vary depending on students’ demands, apartment size, location and furnishing. Students usually opt for renting an apartment with classmates, sharing the cost of bills and rent and significantly reducing their monthly expenses.

Food expenses for foreign students

A foreign student has the opportunity to eat in student canteens under one condition. It is necessary that in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development in Nemanjina Street 22-26, ( they get confirmation that they came to Belgrade through a certain project, that they will study at School of electrical and computer engineering of applied studies, and with this certificate, they have the right to ask for issuance of a student card for a canteen, which enables them to purchase food vouchers at preferential prices. The preferential price of the daily menu is somewhat higher and it is approximately 4 EUR: breakfast - 0.81 EUR, lunch - 1.74 EUR and dinner - 1.48 EUR, which is approximately 118 EUR a month. This might appear a lot for food, but in Belgrade you can hardly find a solid full meal at such low prices. All additional information for foreign students can be found on the following link: are 17 canteens in Belgrade where students can dine, the biggest canteens (with all three meals and cash register) are:

  • Karaburma, Mije Kovacevica street No 7, Palilula, +381112079738;
  • Patris, Ljubice Lukovic street No 31, Zvezdara, +381112433488;
  • Rifat, Milana Rakica street No 77, Zvezdara, +381113812677;
  • Kralj Aleksandar I, Kralja Aleksandra boulevard No 75, Zvezdara, +381113400454;
  • Vozdovac, Vojvode Stepe street No 320, Vozdovac, +381113955999;
  • Kosutnjak, Blagoja Parovića street No 154, Kosutnjak, +381113553043;
  • Zemun, Cara Dusana street No 254, +381113713411;
  • Studentski grad, Tosin bunar street No 151, +381113102790;
  • Mika Mitrovic, Kralja Vladimira street No 33, Vozdovac, +381113954700;
  • Obilicev venac, Obilicev venac street No 4, +381112623321.
Transportation for foreign students

Student's BUS PLUS card enables commuting using a public transport in Belgrade. There are four types of BUS PLUS cards: personalized, non-personalized, daily tickets and tickets for one ride (purchased from the driver). The personalized contactless smart card enables an unlimited number of rides on all lines in daily traffic which is from 04 to 24h in selected zones. Issued to the user's name, it contains personal information and a photo for visual control and is not transferable to another user. Issuing a personalized card costs about 2 EUR, the card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue and can be issued at 14 locations, which you can find in detail on the following link Other types of tickets must be charged or purchased before entering a bus at one of the 2000 sale points. A person who does not have a ticket must enter the first door, prepare the exact amount of money and buy a ticket from the driver. All cards in the system, other than the cards purchased by the driver, must be read when entering the vehicle on the validators located in the zone close to the bus door. By choosing the desired category, the necessary documentation for issuing personalized cards, as well as the price of tickets for the subscription for the selected category of users, is shown. When issuing personalized cards, photography of the card use is done on-site. A foreign student is required to provide only a passport for inspection and he/she will very quickly obtain a BUS PLUS transport card. The annual card is issued for a period of 3 years. For the issuance of this card, it is not necessary for a foreign student to have a registered residence in the territory of Belgrade. The monthly transportation fee is 25-30 EUR depending on the zone number (distance from the city center) where the student wants to commute. All necessary information can be found on the following link

You can commute to School of electrical and computer engineering of applied studies using the following lines of public transportation:

  • Buses: line 33 and E9,
  • Trams: line 9, 10 and 14.

You can look for the School on the map of Belgrade using this link:

Benefits and discounts with ISIC and EYCA cards

Benefits provided by ISIC and EYCA student cards are numerous, both in the country and during the stay abroad:

  • discount on rail and bus transportation in the country,
  • free travel and health insurance in all countries around the world,
  • discount in museums and theaters worldwide,
  • discount in foreign language schools, sports centers and clubs, cafes, restaurants,
  • discount in ski resorts in Serbia,
  • benefits when buying clothing, footwear, computer equipment,
  • discount in publishing house Laguna bookstores,
  • discount in sports Sport Vision stores,
  • special benefits in NIVEA shop, KFC, Converse Shop,
  • in many beauty salons, dental, ophthalmic and general practitioners,
  • special benefits for applying to the youth work program Work & Travel,
  • information and benefits on applications for youth events, active admissions and seminars from the different areas,
  • international student ID,
  • possibility of payment function,
  • using benefits across Europe and worldwide.

Tickets for Museums are about 2 EUR (Museum of Nikola Tesla, National Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Applied Art, Museum of History of Serbia, Museum of the History of Yugoslavia, Museum of the City of Belgrade, Museum of Natural History). Numerous Belgrade theaters offer discounts (from 30% to 60%), and sometimes free tickets to the theater. Some theaters have special performances with English, and rarely, French, Russian and German subtitles. Students can get all the necessary information using the following link

Health care for foreign students

The possession of health insurance during the stay in the Republic of Serbia is mandatory. Therefore, please make sure to provide health insurance while you are on student exchange at VISER. Foreign students who are a part of the student exchange program must independently provide and bear the cost of insurance, unless otherwise determined by the rules of an individual student mobility project. We recommend that students, before traveling for student exchange in the Republic of Serbia, provide a policy of international health insurance in your country. More information on mandatory health insurance and emergency medical help can be found on the website of the National Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia, which can be accessed via the following link If the project has determined that the student independently provides health insurance in Serbia, the necessary evidence for applying for mandatory health insurance and the issuance of a card for health care are:

  • Photocopy of the passport;
  • Contract on professional development or school certificate;
  • A certificate issued by the competent organizational unit of the Ministry of interior on the registration of residence, not older than 6 months.
Useful links for private health care insurance: