Internship is designed to facilitate the student's transition from applied education to professional work. The aim of the internship is to bring the student closer to his practical activity through work. The student gets the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and competences he has acquired in the School, mostly in separate disciplines, in practice, or in a real business environment.

Internship is carried out in appropriate production facilities, companies and public institutions. The student chooses an enterprise or institution in which he / she will realize the internship. In agreement with the manager or person in charge of the enterprise, and in accordance with the needs of the profession for which the student is being trained, the content of the internship is defined. The program of the internship is in accordance with the set educational goals defined by the study program. During and after the completion of the internship, the journal is written in the form of seminar paper and is orally defended.

Students will be trained to apply previously acquired theoretical and professional knowledge to solve specific practical engineering problems within the chosen company or institution. The outcome is getting students to know about the activity of the selected company, the way of its business, management and the place and role of engineers in their organizational structures.


Available vacancies are forwarded to ATUSS by local partners on a regular basis. The vacancies are published by the PR department on the webpage of ATUSS, but also social media pages of individual Departments of ATUSS. It is important for ATUSS to make sure all students have access to available vacancies, so as to start practicing themselves in the job application process (CV writing, job interview, etc.) on time and be ready for real-life work expectations upon graduation. For all vacancies available at the moment, please check the announcements section on the webpage of ATUSS, as well as recent posts of the Departments of ATUSS on Facebook and Instagram.

As per foreign internships, please contact the Coordinator for Mobility and/or Coordinator for International Cooperation at if you wish to find out more about the ongoing Erasmus+ mobility call for students and staff.