Student Parliament

Student Parliament is one of the bodies of the Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies Belgrade (ATUSS). The main activity of the Student Parliament is to represent and protect the rights and interests of all students and to consider issues and activities of interest to students.

What are the competencies of the Students Parliament?

  • Adoption of the rulebooks related to the activity of the Student Parliament.
  • Election of student representatives in the bodies of ATUSS.
  • Election of student representatives for the Students’ Conference of the Academies of Applied Studies and in the bodies of others institutions, associations and organizations in which students of ATUSS are represented.
  • Participation in self-evaluation of the institution and in procedures for assessing the quality of study programs and the teaching process.
  • Carrying out activities related to: quality assurance of the teaching process, reform of study programs, analysis and assessment of the efficiency of studies, determination of the number of ECTS points, protection of student rights and the improvement of student standard.
  • Initiating the adoption of amendments to regulations of interest to students.
  • Coordinating programs of extracurricular activities of students, establishing student sections and other forms of student organization, in order to promote sports, cultural, scientific-professional, artistic and similar activities.
  • Realization of student cooperation (local and international)
  • Supporting incoming Erasmus+ mobility students during their stay at ATUSS and taking part in the Buddy Network of mobility/exchange programme.

The Student Parliament is composed of three representatives from each Department comprising ATUSS (a total of 15 members). All students of ATUSS with active student status in the year in which the elections for the Students Parliament are being held, have the right to elect members of the Student Parliament and to be elected as a member of the Student Parliament of ATUSS.