The process of obtaining a Transitory Charter, that is, accreditation of a higher education institution in accordance with the rule of the European Commission, has been finalized for the Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies Belgrade (ATUSS). The Charter has been approved based on the documentation submitted in September 2020, pertaining to the transition of the Charter obtained by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studied in Belgrade (VISER) in the previous call.
The allocated Erasmus code for the Charter of ATUSS is RS BELGRAD25.

Transitory accreditation document

Webpages related to international cooperation are in the process of development.

The Strategy of Internationalisation, Action Plan adjacent to the Strategy of Internationalisation, as well as the Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS) of the Academy are currently being made, in alignment with the above-listed documents of VISER.

International cooperation documents of VISER can be found at the following link: