Application Process

Outgoing mobility means that a student of ATUSS, i.e. home institution, realises a portion of his/her study programme at a receiving institution, upon which he/she returns to his/her home institution where he/she finalises his/her studies.

All students of ATUSS are eligible to participate in outgoing mobility programmes provided that they meet the following criteria:

-he/she is enrolled in undergraduate studies and has obtained 60 ESPB points (ECTS credits) or more;

-he/she is enrolled in specialisation studies or master studies.

A student of ATUSS is allowed to participate in mobility programmes several times during the course of his/her studies, whereby one student’s mobility period at the same level of studies may not last less than three months or more than twelve months in total. In addition to that, total duration of a mobility period may not amount to more than one half of the duration of the entire (regular) course of studies in the home institution.

More detailed application and selection criteria are defined by individual projects or mobility programmes, that is, inter-institutional agreements, an open call, or an invitation for the realisation of mobility, announced by ATUSS in accordance with project rules or programme mobility, that is, in accordance with the provisions of the Inter-Institutional Agreement.

In order to apply for a mobility programme, a student is obliged to submit the following documents:

It may happen that a given mobility project requires additional documents to be submitted, in which case a list of such documents shall be given in the announced call.